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Thank You to Our Generous Supporters!

Our mission work would not be possible without the love and support of the following benefactors.  Thank you so much for your generosity!

Gener and Barbara Barkley
Karen Bellinger
Adrian and Jennifer Benson
Debbie Cote Biasini
Susan Bouska
Karen (Danni) Bowman
Jonathan and Mary Brand
C. Jane Burleigh
John and Katherine Calcutt
Phil and Audrey Camill
Robert and Sita Canady
Zach and Ashley Candler
Jon and Beth Carter
Charlie and Mary Ellen Carvel
Christine Castle-Hall
Kristina Cheng
Patrick Clark
Bill and Beth Cokeley
Margaret Conners
Charlie and Terri Couto
Dawn Crawford
Deacon Jim and Rita Crowley
Scott and Karen Cruess
Deacon Paul and Laurie D’Antonio
Jennifer Dashnaw
Frank and Karen DeTrane
Marika Donders
Kristin Douglas
John and Kate Edmonds
John “Scott” Enloe
John and Karen Enloe
Frank and Kelly Falzalore
Ted and Pat Ferriter
Chad and Anna Finch
Sr. Mary Finnick, GNSH
Kevin and A. Brooke Fisher
Gary and Gayle Frank
Jeff Frank
Peter and Jennifer Friedman
Kim Vahle Gonzales
Gay Grant
Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart
William and Natalie Hallahan
John Paul Hammond
Lynn and Joan Henry
Nancy Hibbard
Jill Iglehart
Mark and Danya Ivory
Mark and Diana Jackson
Phillip and Paula Jacques
Chris and Patti Kaila
Bob and Toni Keating
Toni Keating
Raymond and Susan Kehm
Bill Kellerhals
Mary Lou Kilian
Chris and Karen (Looby) Knapp
Philip Knapp
Knights of Columbus, Ticonderoga NY
Michael Lahendro
Christine Lamere
Craig and Becky Lancaster
Aaron and Susan Lang
Christopher and Julie LaPointe
Virginia LaPointe
Nancy Lentine
Jorge Londoño and Lisa Ayr
Fr. Chris Looby
Philip and Barbara Looby
Fr. John Looby
John Looby
Marjorie Looby
Sr. Mary Looby, GNSH
Thomas Looby
Zuzair and Sandy Madanat
Tom and Kelly Malanga
Brian and Carrie Maliszewski
Irene Manchester
Kathy Manchester
Fr. Don Manfred
Walter and Claire Matthews
David McNamara
Tracy Mincey
Nicholas and Kerri Moose
Tom and Noelle Morelli
Dianna Morin
Michael and AnneMarie Morin
Steve and Cathy Mudre
Greg and Charmaine Mueller
Michael-John Myette
Dawn Norcross
Mike and Catherine O’Connor
Stephen O’Connor
Lillian Oppenheimer
Kellen Painter
Wanda Pancotti
Cissy Petty
Wayne and Margaret Randall
Dave and Amy Reese
Randy and Bert Rihner
Fr. Steve Rocker
Romer and Mary (Randall) Rodriguez
Carl and Mikie Rose
Kolbe Rubin
Mike and Kathleen Rugless
Heather Ryan
Matt and Vicky Sampson
Andrea Schunck
Tom and Debbie Schunck
Steve and Carey Schwenzer
Beth Siebels
Betsey Sisko
Deacon Bernie Slate
Richard and Amy Sluszka
Ed and Pam Smariga
Ken and Rae Ellen Smith
Tom and Christy Snider
Scott and Joyce Soderlund
Sr. Eileen Spanier GNSH
James Spurgin
St. Francis Solanus Church and St. Stephen’s Church
Dave and Lee Stadulis
Phil and Chris Stameris
Duke and Barbara Storen
Adam and Kristin Storino
Tom and Sue Storino
Deacon Mike and Phyllis Strain
Lynda Stuchel
Justin and Michelle Sullivan
Katie Sylvester
Chris and Bernadette Talty
John and Chris Taraschke
Paul and Sharlene Thompson
Matthew and Erin Tierney
Jack and Barbara Townsend
Daniel and Amber Trementozzi
David and Colleen Turley
Donna Valentine
Helen Valentine
Craig and Karen VanPatten
Benjamin and Karley Wake
Mark and Erin Ward
John and Eileen Wargo
Wes and Rachel Warnick
Michelle Watkins
Mark and Dawn Weiss
Doug and Joey Welsh
Mary White
Barbara Williams
Mike and Sue Wise
Teresa Wisnewski
Sara Wizniuk
Randy and Laurinda Wood
Kevin and Becky Yerdon

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